Another beautiful morning in Haiti with the roosters starting to crow around 12:30 a.m., donkeys heehawing, dogs barking, babies crying, and around 5 a.m. the church is full of people singing praises to the Lord!

After breakfast we walked to a little church called Palto, where we had a small group of children excited to see what the Americans were going to do. Some groups would be disappointed that there weren’t more children, but it did not faze this group from Greater Little Rock – they know it is not about numbers, it is about people. What is really good about small groups is that you have more one-on-one time, and it is easier to keep everyone’s attention. The kids had a great time interacting with the Bible stories that Ken told them. They love when they get to act like Adam and Eve, and Abraham and Sarah (I love the beard on Abraham). We arrived there about 9 a.m. and finished up around 11, then walked back to the mission house for lunch.

When we finished lunch we loaded up Gabriel and went to a school called Lone, which was started by a Haitian businessman. As you can see in the photos it is a nice facility and there are many children. We had to make our presentation there short because the kids had not eaten lunch and needed to go home.

On the way back to the mission house we stopped at the land where God’s clinic/hospital will be one day. We all gathered around and prayed over His land, that He will provide everything we need in His timing to build His clinic to save lives. This is a God-size vision, so please pray that God will make a way for this clinic.

Tonight we will be going into Daniel’s voodoo village to show the Jesus film. What is so fascinating about this is that it is Daniel who asks us to come and show it. Daniel does not understand that God is using him to let the Light shine into the darkness. Please be praying for the Haitian people as they watch this film, praying that the Holy Spirit will fill them, revealing the Truth.

Haiti March 19, 2014
Haiti March 17, 2014