Last night we went to Daniel’s voodoo village to show the Jesus film. As you can see by the photos we had well over 100 people. This makes several times they have seen the film, but they just keep asking to see it again. Everyone watched intently, from the little children to the adults, including Daniel. We watered the seed one more time. You cannot plant a seed and continue to water it without it sprouting a root. I know that we will see fruit there one day.

This morning after breakfast we went to a church called Tapio. We had so much fun with the little kids there. I cannot tell you the joy it gives me to look into the face of each one of these little children and see their smiles and hear them laugh as Ken tells Bible stories and the kids act them out. You can see how God loves His little children. We saw over 100 little children, and after the Bible stories we made bracelets with them.

After lunch we went back down to Daniel’s village to do VBS with the kids there. As you can tell by the photos, these children don’t have nice clothes but they are precious. We had not only small children, but also some adults who wanted to hear the Bible stories. Afterward we made bracelets with them as well. While we were doing VBS, Daniel asked me if we would come and pray for him when we were finished. Of course I said yes, so when we finished we went up to his house and Pastor Lonnie prayed for him and the children of the village. When you think of it, please, please pray for Daniel and this village. If they were to come to the Lord it would change this valley.

Tonight we will be going to Jerusalem IV, where Pastor Lonnie will be preaching. It will be packed. The photos will be in tomorrow’s report. God bless.

Haiti March 20, 2014
Haiti March 18, 2014