Report by Lisa Eaves

This has been a different mission trip for our RBCS team. Most of our trips are focused on work, work, and more work. We normally have very little down time, and almost always we are involved in hard labor. We have been in Haiti for eleven days now and we haven’t even had a bucket line yet! Rest assured none of the students are complaining about that. All mission trips take on a life of their own. This trip has truly been focused on ministering to the people of Z’Orange, Haiti. We have had the blessing and privilege of sharing, in multiple churches and schools, the great news of Jesus Christ.

For me personally, the highlight of the trip was our time in the voodoo village. I felt the presence of God there in a way I have not felt it anywhere else. Ryan shared the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and he spoke with such boldness against the powers of darkness. The singing of the students was strong and was filled with power as they sang, “our God is stronger, our God is greater, there is none like Him…into the darkness He shines, out of the ashes we rise; there is no one like HIM!” I shared how I felt with the students, and a number of them felt the same—many said they felt the presence of God hovering over that village. I had the privilege of speaking to Daniel, the voodoo priest, and telling him that we were praying for him to give his heart to Jesus. Please join us in prayer for this man’s soul.

Adam and I were talking about the trip and about our day, and he said, “when I go home and people ask me about this trip, I am going to summarize it this way: we Spartan kicked the devil in the face!”


Report by Lauren Wright

This mission has been very different from the one I went to in Belize. This trip has not required much hard labor but rather interacting with the children and going to many different schools and churches to teach VBS. My highlight of the trip was going to the voodoo village. A couple nights ago when we went there to go show the Jesus video, the voodoo priest Daniel was very sick. None of his magic was working. A couple of the guys went back the next day to pray for him. After going to Jerusalem III in Port au Prince we went back to the voodoo village. Today we taught VBS and did our skit “Set Me Free.” I thought the music we sang was very powerful today. I have never felt the presence of God like that anywhere before. We saw Daniel for the first time since we prayed for him and he was a whole lot better. This trip has been quite an experience for me.

Haiti June 10, 2012
Haiti June 8, 2012