Report by Wendy

And so, the time we have spent here draws to an end. The amazing people that I have met here have blessed me far more than I could have ever hoped to bless them. I have been so privileged to have been a part of their lives for only a short while, and I have taken away many lessons from each of them.

From the children, I have learned the inexplicable value of joy in the simplest of things. A smile, a wave, a game of slaps, or the simple love a hug can hold can light up their faces with the joy of Christ. So often I have been too willing to dwell on the pain and sadness in this world rather than finding the joy and blessings God has given me.

From the Christians in nearby churches we have visited, I have seen the true worship of our Father. They refuse to be ashamed by a faulty sound system or a wrong note in a song.  They sing their praises loud and clear to the only ears that matter: God’s. They also have learned to really pray to God. They don’t worry about how long it might be, or how many times they feel compelled to say in a loud voice “Merci Senor!!” They are having a conversation with the God of the universe, and nothing will stop them from doing so. They are also able to worship God in something as simple as a tarp with wooden posts, with the faith that someday God will provide a real building for them. So often I have become distracted by trivial matters when praising God. I think about how long we have been standing up, how cold it is in the sanctuary, how ridiculously long someone is praying, or how bad the songs seem to sound. Not once have I focused on God as I have here in Haiti. The true worship here is something that I will be taking home with me.

From Brother Chuck, I have seen a servant’s heart. He expects nothing in return for the often thankless work here in Haiti. I have heard him tell stories about being swindled by others, or about the times when he has become so discouraged and does not know why he is here. He is a man who is truly following God’s call on his life and remaining faithful.

And last, I have learned so much from God Himself. In morning devotions, He shows me how much I truly need Him and how far behind I have fallen in my spiritual walk. I find that His unconditional love for someone as sinful as me is so impressive and amazing! He truly is an amazing God, and this trip to Haiti has been my wakeup call to that.

So, with an overflowing heart I shall leave tomorrow for the U.S. I know that I will find joy in being home, and it is my hope that I can bring some Haitian joy back with me.


Report by Josh & Connor

Hey everybody – this is Stubbs and Connor. This trip has benefitted us in many ways. For example, we were shown the true power of prayer. Daniel, who is a voodoo priest, was extremely sick and had very little vision. After two days of prayer he was miraculously healed – not by medicine, but by the power of God! Another great experience was how Stubbs interacted with the children everyday and was able to beat-box for the Haitians during worship. Also, Connor was amazed at how joyful the Haitian children were to see the group of missionaries arrive at each church every day. On Friday we went to a majestic waterfall. It showed us that even in the most unexpected places God reveals how mighty and powerful He is and how wonderful His creations are. Stubbs was amazed at how cold and how refreshing the water was at the same time. As the week progressed, we continued to see God display his power among the people of Haiti. Many lives were touched when we presented our dramas. In conclusion, this trip has been life changing, and both of us have grown closer to Christ and have experienced his power firsthand. We thank you for your support and your prayers, and we will see you tomorrow. God Bless.

Haiti June 11, 2012
Haiti June 9, 2012