Report by Jenna

Today was a very exciting day! We woke up this morning and found out that we were going to see the waterfall! When we all were ready, we figured out that Gabriel (our truck) was out of gas. So we had to wait for another hour. When Gabriel finally had gas we left. It was about a 45-minute drive. When we got there, Chuck had to pay for us to be able to go in. When we got in, there was a lot of walking over rocks and hills. It was my first time seeing a waterfall, and my oh my was it gorgeous! There were about three different waterfalls in one area and all were very pretty. We stayed by the waterfalls for what felt like hours on end. But it was worth it! The water was really cold, but refreshing at the same time. After we got back we ate some lunch (which was goat) and relaxed. After a little while, Mr. Downing asked whoever wanted to go hut to hut evangelizing to get ready. I immediately got ready and was pumped! When we got to one of the huts we gave this man all of our tracts, and he said he would hand them out to his friends. We evangelized for about an hour or two, praying for everyone and talking about Jesus. On our way back, there was a bull, and this bull was big! It started acting really weird and starting charging toward me! Thank the Lord that Simon was there and pulled me out of the way! Man I will never forget that! Simon has been like an angel sent by God to protect me, because that was the second time on this trip he has had to help me. I have had such an amazing time being here, and I feel so blessed I was able to come on this trip. If I had another chance to come back I would come back in a heartbeat.


Report by Joe Townsend

Today was such an awesome day. After devotions this morning we were about to head out to a waterfall; little did we know that the truck was almost out of fuel. Brother Chuck, Chuck G, Simon, Ryan, and I took off to go get fuel in town. On the way we were talking about how God’s timing is perfect and our plans are not always going to work out. This was mainly due to the morning so far and how we had it planned out to leave then had to go get gas first. Well, we got gas and headed back, and when we got here we got everything ready to go and took off. On that note, I love our truck. Ok, now back to the day. We had a fun trip to the waterfall and then we finally arrived. It was so pretty at the waterfall. We all got to take pictures in the water and I got to enjoy time with the team. The water was really cold but was so refreshing. Well, it was time to go, and so we all piled back into the truck and headed for the mission house. I have enjoyed this trip with being able to go to a market, spend time with the people, eat goat, till some land that was as hard as rocks, and really just enjoy the time with friends. It has been so neat to watch the Lord work on this trip. When a small group of the guys took off to go work on the land, we left with only one pick. We were able to buy two hoes at the market, and one of the pastors brought two more, then while at the field a man brought two more picks. I have never seen the hand of God so clearly. I have grown to love the people here. There is one guy, however, that I have been really drawn to. He has slight mental problems and says “youuuuuuuu!!!” a lot. There is something about this guy that just draws me to him. I just hope that before we leave I have the courage to talk to him. I can easily talk to everyone else but it is bugging me that I cannot do the same with him. I know that I will, though. I have enjoyed this trip so much and have felt a calling for missions. I do not think it will be full time, but Haiti has captured a spot in my heart and I feel that the Lord has made it do that for a reason. Thanks!!

Haiti June 9, 2012
Haiti June 7, 2012