Report by Pastor Mike

As I woke up early this morning and listened to the surrounding community coming to life, it reminded me of the “noises” we allow to creep into the stillness of our lives. The psalmist knew, in Psalm 46:10, that it is in the stillness of our lives that we can find God. We have a chance to discover that, too. We just have to be willing to shut the “noises” out – no matter what they are.

After breakfast we boarded Gabriel and headed to a church in Lone, where we shared Bible stories, songs and played games. We returned to the mission house for lunch before visiting Daniel’s village for more VBS in the afternoon. As of today, God has provided this team an opportunity to teach almost 500 children through VBS. There is no way we could pull it off without God, so all the praise goes to Him!

Let me tell you about this team – I am so proud of them! The students are totally engaged with the Haitian children. They are building friendships, playing and laughing! The adult leaders are a blessing, too. Everyone has jumped right in to serve, whether it be VBS or chores. I am blessed to be a part of this team. After supper tonight, we are going back to Daniel’s village to watch the ‘Jesus movie.’ Continue to pray for us as we continue to serve with Truth Ministries in Haiti!

Haiti June 14, 2014
Haiti June 12, 2014