Report by Corinne

Wow – this experience so far is amazing! God has truly blessed us with this opportunity. When we arrived in Haiti I think for most of the team it was culture shock; just looking at the houses and people, we realized how blessed we are to live in America. The ride through Port au Prince was crazy… I’ll never complain about my Dad’s driving again! It made me nervous, but God protected us and we made it to the mission house safely. The first night we ate amazing spaghetti (my favorite) and it was WONDERFUL; and those who know me, know I like good food. Yesterday we did VBS and had a wonderful day. We also played with the kids outside yesterday evening before and after dinner.

Today we went to two churches and did VBS at both. We told the children Bible stories – David and Goliath, and Daniel in the lion’s den. As well as telling stories to the children, we did crafts with them and played with them. At the first church we made paper bag lions, and at the second church we made bracelets. We also jumped rope with the kids, and drew pictures, too. They played with some balloons that we gave them and loved it! My favorite part so far would have to be listening to all the children sing. They sing their hearts out to God, and it is such a blessing. After they sang, we sang songs for them. Today we sang “Desert Song,” “O Happy Day,” “This is the Day,” “Jesus Loves Me” and “Yes, Lord” (which we also learned in Creole, and the children learned it in English). One of the things I’ve noticed is that the kids LOVE having their pictures taken. It is so neat to watch them smile after you take a picture – sometimes you even attract a crowd. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us! The trip will be over before we know it.

Haiti June 13, 2014
Haiti June 11, 2014