Report by Rachel

Last night we walked down to Daniel’s voodoo village and we showed the Jesus film. Pastor Chuck and some of the translators hung up a white sheet and hooked up a projector to show the film. It was awesome to see that some of the children as well adults had parts of the film memorized because they had seen it so many times, but it was even more awesome to see that they are memorizing and they don’t even realize it.

Today we woke up and most of us got up early and had a quiet time before breakfast. After breakfast we did a group devotional and got prepared to start our day. We got on Gabriel, the big truck that transports us from place to place, and went to two different churches and did VBS. The first church we went to is called Tapio, and the second place was just a little church called Ba Tapio. On the way to and back from the mountainside church, we had to duck so we wouldn’t get hit in the face by the branches of the trees – there are a lot of mean, viscous trees just waiting to take someone’s face or neck off (not really). Anyway, we did two lessons and the lessons were on David and Goliath as well as Daniel in the lion’s den. During the Daniel and the lion’s den story, we got some of the children to volunteer and be lions with us, and they loved that! Both church groups were very attentive and excited to hear what we had to say. We also got to play with some of the children and do crafts with them. It was good seeing them be kids and having fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the remainder of our trip.

Haiti June 15, 2014
Haiti June 13, 2014