Report by Rhyanna

This morning we all woke up and spread out to do individual devotions, then came together to eat breakfast and have a group devotional. After breakfast we rehearsed our VBS skit. It was about David and Goliath, how David – such a small boy – was able to defeat a giant. After practicing we went to the school and performed the skit using a translator, then we sang songs and did crafts. Crystal, Lauren and I made little yarn balls to use for finger weaving outside the school, and some of the others handed out beads and cut string for bracelet-making by the benches.

We had sandwiches for lunch, then we hiked up the mountain a short way to Palto to do a second VBS. None of the children had arrived yet, so a few of us went exploring to view the scenery and take pictures. After VBS was finished we handed out some candy and walked back down to the mission house to rest and play some games.

Haiti June 12, 2014
Haiti June 10, 2014