Report by Berkley Harkins

A couple nights ago during our girls small group, we were asked to say what our expectation for this trip was, and whether or not it has happened. When my turn came, I responded by saying I thought God would show me just how lucky I am. Within our first full day, he did. We were going hut to hut, and we got to a hut with 3 different families at it. I led the conversation, and I learned that 2 families were Christian families, but one was not. One of the ladies was pregnant, so I asked if I could pray over her and the other 2 families. The non-Christian family didn’t pray with us, but we still prayed for them. It was amazing feeling God work through me! As soon as we were done praying, the mother of one of the ladies came out. We found out that she was dying, because of something in her stomach; she automatically broke my heart. In America we have the ability to go to the doctor when we feel sick, and be able to at least find out why we are sick, but most people in Haiti don’t have that option.

Later that afternoon, I got to meet a boy named Fergeson; he touched my heart within minutes. He and his friend Kevin knew a little English from school, and they helped me with my Creole. At the end of the night, Fergeson gave me a bracelet. A couple days later I found out that what was written on it meant ‘friend;’ that made me feel so blessed. He and many other kids continued to help as the next few days went on. Today I really got to see the beauty that God has created. We were at the “Wahoo Resort,” and we had a blast getting to swim in the perfectly clear water. After lunch some of us went snorkeling. I knew of a lot of the beauty God has put on land, but I hadn’t seen much of what God put under water; it was so amazing seeing all of God’s little creations. Although I had tons of fun at the resort, I missed the kids a lot. Tomorrow will be our last day here, and I am really praying that God will speak through me as I try to work my hardest to do what He has called me to do, and share his word with everyone I come in contact with.


Report by Britain Husfelt

Today we spent the day at the “Wahoo Resort.” Now you’re probably thinking what I was thinking – how can that involve God? There actually is something to write about. The beach was great, seeing all of His creation was absolutely breathtaking. However, that wasn’t the best part; the best part was before we went to the resort. As you can expect for any mission trip, you have to have flexibility. As we were all packed in Gabriel and so excited to go, the truck broke down. We all waited a little bit for the truck to get fixed and it started working again; just as we were about to take off, it quit again. We had two choices, we could either trust that God has a better plan, or get stressed out about it. We all chose to trust God, and he came through! Ginette (our wonderful cook), and all of our interpreters for the week came with us. Ginette and Simon were bringing their families, but that was more of a blessing than we could see. They were having a Tap Tap pick up their kids, and they were going to meet us about 20 minutes away. So, once we realized we needed other transportation, we called the driver who was picking up the children, and he said he would be there in 20 minutes. Bro. Chuck said if it weren’t for that arrangement, it would have taken an hour or so to get to our destination; basically, we wouldn’t have been able to go. We had a great time at the resort, then headed home. We took 2 Tap Taps on our way back to provide more room. About halfway through, the other Tap Tap started rolling down a hill and came to a stop. Someone could have gotten hurt, and that truck probably shouldn’t have come to a stop, but it did. All I can say is this was not coincidental, but providential. God is good!

Haiti July 26, 2013
Haiti July 24, 2013