Report by Patrick Taylor

This is my second trip to Haiti, but the first staying with Bro. Chuck Martindale and Truth Evangelistic Ministries. While much of what I remember remains true, there has been significant change in the past year. The airport, city, and countryside are alive with improvements, thanks to the continued efforts of people like Bro. Chuck and his counterparts in Haiti. This morning we went to a church half a mile from the camp. With popsicle sticks and rubber bands in hand, we were able to witness through crafts, music, drama, and old-fashioned fellowship. The pastor shared the story of his church – 130 people coming together 4 years ago to build something from nothing, and remaining faithful to this day. After spending some time in the shade of a tarp with wooden beams, we headed to a field to play soccer with the kids. I saw a spark of joy for many of the children who otherwise would be left with nothing to do but survive. We left the ball with their pastor so that it might be a tool for sharing the gospel with his community. After a short walk back to camp, we were greeted by a souvenir salesman with an unconventional name, Doo-Doo. We were given prices as much as 75% less than can be found in Port au Prince. The blessings on this trip have been overwhelming, and I am excited to see God work through our team tonight at a local revival. Bruce Jolly will be sharing a word, and Tim Wright will be leading worship for 2 songs. May our impact be eternal and our hearts be open to what God has planned for us in Haiti.


Report by Mallory Husfelt

It is important that we often look at the big picture of what we’re doing here in Haiti. Yes, we’re doing many things throughout this trip – we’re painting churches, we’re leading VBS, we’re leading revival services, we’re worshiping, and we’re holding mini medical clinics. The issue is that when we only look at the big picture, we risk focusing on our own progress and missing out on what God wants us to see at each and every moment. Instead of reflecting on our entire trip when we get home, I think it’s important that we keep a constant communication with God, so that we can feel what the Holy Spirit is telling us at that moment. It’s the little things that mean more to these people than what the world may see us “accomplishing.” Jesus never instructed His followers to paint a church, or to build houses; rather, Jesus instructed us to love His creation and share the gospel with everyone. All the construction and medical services that we have given these beautiful people dull in comparison to the eternal relationships we have built with our Haitian friends. The temporal aspects are truly important, in order to truly show these people that Jesus and His followers love them and want to take care of them; however, it is imperative that we spend more time focusing on eternity than the here and now. So, I’ll spend my time telling you about all the exciting ways God has been able to build relationships that glorify Him.

At TEM, there are about 30 children who regularly come by the mission house throughout the day for well water, or just a place to hang out with friends. All these children have gotten to know us pretty well and have most of our names memorized (even if mine has been changed to Majowi). Each of these children simply wants attention and love, and Christ has made us so excited to give it. These are some of the children that I have loved being able to bond with through games, VBS, and singing. Our team has also made many other friends throughout this trip due to the fact that we lead VBS in different places most days. Today we were blessed with the opportunity to walk about half a mile to a small village to lead VBS. I led the music time, which is hilarious for any of you who know me well enough to know that singing is simply not one of my talents. However, God has still used me to teach the other music leaders the Creole songs that I remember from last year, and I have loved being able to lead the children in worshiping our Holy God. We also had skits and crafts that followed music, and I was able to talk to about 7 teenage girls about the love of Christ. That was probably my favorite time of the day, simply because the girls and I have so many similarities, so it was easy to talk to them. We made bracelets together, and then painted each other’s nails as we talked about what we wanted to do when we get older. I love how God has taught me to embrace the small things, like painting nails and doing each others’ hair, in order to make Him known. It doesn’t take building a house or a church to show people Christ’s love – it just takes the little things, and that’s what I love about the way God works. I look forward to our revival service tonight and to what God has planned for our next couple of days. Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Haiti July 25, 2013
Haiti July 23, 2013