Report by Joshua Fowler

Alo (hello)! That is the extent of my Creole. Oh, and “bob” which is Creole for “beard.” As I am sitting here writing this, we are winding down from our last day in Haiti and smelling Ms. Ginette’s great cooking. I thought I would be shedding some pounds this week, but Ms. Ginette changed that! The Lord is so good – He has been blessing our time in Haiti. We have experienced many different things here as a Student Ministry. We have gotten to do many things, ranging from playing with kids and sharing the gospel with them, to going into some of the darkest places and bringing the light to them. Although our Student Ministry came here to fulfill the the Great Commission and bring the gospel to the people in Haiti, I have also seen growth in our own lives. God has really been blessing our devotion times; in the mornings we have been going through the book of Philippians, and at night the book of Colossians together. I’m sure most of the youth would agree with me when I say that going home tomorrow will be bittersweet. We miss our family and friends, as well as our family of faith at Cinco, but we have enjoyed doing the Lord’s work here. Personally, I have really loved our trip to Haiti, and can see that Truth Ministries is building the Kingdom up in the mountains of Haiti. This was my first trip, but it will certainly not be my last. I know that we will all have cool stories to share with you all, and we cannot wait. I want to thank you personally, as well as on behalf of the Youth Group, for praying for us while we have been here. I would ask that you continue to pray for us – pray for our safe travel tomorrow, and that we would not only fly hours away and leave our country to do missions, but that we will continue the Lord’s work back home, and that we understand that home is the mission field that the Lord has us in for the time being – Romans 5:8.


Report by Joey George

Today is our last day. This whole week has been an eye-opener for me. When I think of Haiti, I picture torn down buildings and sad people, which could not be further from the truth. The buildings may be a little distraught, but the people are happy and make do with everything they have. I saw a little boy today who had a straightened close hanger and the rim of a lid to a 5-gallon bucket, and was walking it like a dog. Yesterday we were supposed to take Gabriel to the resort, but Gabriel broke down. It still wasn’t fixed this morning, so we couldn’t go to a church to do VBS. We stayed at the mission house and played with the kids for one last time. We decided to be servants to the children and wash their feet. We explained to them the reason behind the washing of the feet, and it was much appreciated. I washed a little boy’s feet – his name was Ellison. I prayed with him and for him. My friend, Fergeson, whom I met on the first day, is a bracelet maker. He made one out of reed for me, and I gave him one of my bracelets. I am really going to miss Haiti, and I would love to come back later in my life – not just to visit, but to do more missions.

Haiti July 27, 2013
Haiti July 25, 2013