Report by Jana

Today marks the halfway point of our trip. Our day was filled with time in the community of Z’Orange. This morning we led VBS for the children who attend the school here, and also other children in the community. They listened as we led them in stories about Elijah healing the widow’s son; the children learned about prayer and that God hears us when we pray. The children in this community are enthusiastic about learning and teaching us a little bit of their language, but even more than that, they are affectionate and love the attention they receive from our mission team. They are grateful for the small gifts they receive, and for the time we spend with them. During VBS our interpreters help to lead them in songs – they sing loudly their praise to the Lord.

This afternoon we went to the voodoo village and led the people there in the story of Nicodemus. Cory and Taylor acted out a skit about when Nicodemus came to Jesus, and they talked about what it means to be born again. Even in the voodoo village, the name of the Lord was being praised! We pray that the Word takes root in the hearts of the people in the voodoo village, and in Daniel, their priest. We agree in prayer with Bro. Chuck that one day there will be a church built on the site where their voodoo temple is now standing.

Tonight we will be showing the Jesus film in Jerusalem church here in Z’Orange. Again we will be praying that the Word will go out and change the hearts and lives of the people in this community – that they will experience the joy and peace that comes in relationship with the Lord. We have two more days to serve here in Haiti. Please pray that the Lord will be honored in all that we do – that He will speak in us and through us, that the Light will push back the darkness here in Haiti.

This is my first trip to Haiti. It has been an awesome experience to see the Lord work in keeping us safe each day as we go up and down the mountain, and as we have built new friendships with our interpreters – who have been amazing – and with Bro. Chuck and the people here in Haiti. It is amazing to participate in a worship service when you understand very little, and yet we worship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, and a bond that goes beyond language and culture. This trip to Haiti is the first step of many that I expect the Lord to lead me in. To share the Hope of Glory and the Fierce love of the Father that I have, and the Joy that the Lord gives, is an awesome and joyous experience. I have had the privilege to share the story of Ruth, and how she was redeemed, and how the Lord desires to redeem us. Whether I have the opportunity to return to Haiti or elsewhere, I will be involved wherever the Lord chooses to open doors for me to go.

Haiti January 8, 2014
Haiti January 6, 2014