We slept late this morning – until 7 a.m. After breakfast we headed back to Port au Prince for the third day in a row to work at a church there. All of the team except Pastor Brad started painting on the inside of the church. Pastor Brad, Simon and I went to pick up the four Canadian girls that I had taken to Port on Saturday; they were ready to come back to the country with us. After we picked up the girls Pastor Brad wanted to go buy a generator for the church. We were blessed to have to go to only two places to find exactly what he needed. The church will now have a 6500 diesel generator that will run all their electric needs.

When we finished purchasing the generator we headed back to the church so Pastor Brad could give the pastor there the good news. We picked up the team and, after leaving the church, went to pick up Hailey and Paige at a mission called New Life. Hailey is from Jackson MS and Paige is from Dallas TX. Hailey is here representing Morrison Heights Baptist Church of Clinton MS. They have both been to Haiti before, but worked mostly around Port au Prince. Now they are going to spend a couple of days with us and enjoy the country.

Praise the Lord we made it back to the mission house around 7 p.m. without having any vehicle problems. Ginette had our dinner ready, as always, and it was delicious, as always.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day of staying in the mountains – no trip to Port. We now have people here from Winnipeg Canada, Dallas TX, Jackson MS and St. Louis MO. It always amazes me how all these people find out about this little ministry of God’s in Haiti. We are so blessed how He touches lives to come here to help us help the people of Haiti.

Haiti January 7, 2014
Haiti January 5, 2014