I know this is the January 8 entry, but I have to tell you about last night (Tuesday). Pastor Brad had said that they wanted to show the Jesus film, so I looked through my trunks and found our DVD and projector and the Jesus film. We did not announce it, just started showing it around 6:30. There were very few people at first, but within a short time the church was almost full.

When the Jesus film was over we had a little birthday party for Cory and Brittany. You will see them blowing out the candles on the birthday cake that Ginette baked for them. Not only was it pretty – it was good!

Today after breakfast we took about a 25-minute hike to a little church called Palto. We sent word up to the church that we would be coming to do VBS with the children, so you would think they would have some children ready for us – not! When we arrived there were only about 5 kids, so we sent them out into the area; in about 15 minutes we had over 30 kids. We had a great time – the group taught them about Isaiah and then about salvation. When it was over the children all received some candy as they left. One little boy said to another “give me your candy,” and he told him, “I’m not white” – insinuating that only the white people had the candy.

After Palto we had lunch and loaded up Gabriel (military truck) and went down the mountain to a little church called Tapio. We had about 40 kids there and did the same programs with them. It’s amazing how the children really listen to the Bible stories.

We left there and stopped on the way back at the land where the Lord is going to build His clinic/hospital that you may have read about before. I have estimated roughly $500,000 for the project and we have $1500, so we’re doing $1500 worth of work. Our first job is to build a wall around the project. As you will see in the photos we are just now making the foundation. Pastor Brad prayed over the land with the group. There is no doubt in my mind that God will build His clinic in His time.

When we returned we had just enough time to eat dinner and load up on Gabriel again, and go to Jerusalem IV for Wednesday night church. This little church is nothing but sticks and tarps, but what an exciting time we had watching them praise the Lord – singing and dancing so hard the dust was flying from the dirt floor! Pastor Brad gave the message of the heart of God and how we are to be that heart to everyone. After the service most of the team rode back to the mission house in the back of Gabriel, under God’s beautiful sky full of stars. It truly was a full day of joy with the Lord.

Haiti January 9, 2014
Haiti January 7, 2014