This morning we left early for Port so the group could attend a church there. After church the pastor treated us with a delicious Haitian meal prepared by his wife and others. Then the group had VBS with the children of the church. We finished up about 2 p.m. and headed back to the mountains to the mission house. The ladies rode with me in the Ford SUV, and the men rode in the back of Gabriel. Unfortunately, they went through several rain showers. That’s part of the mission trip we don’t charge extra for.

When we returned we were treated again with one of Ginette’s Haitian meals, which I love, and so does everyone else. Haitian fried chicken, plantain, potato salad, beans and rice with red sauce, and pickles, which is hot slaw to put on the plantain or anything, actually–it’s delicious. All this with a Coke and top it off with chocolate jello pudding; it doesn’t get any better!

After dinner Simon went up to Jerusalem IV to pick up the church members and bring them down to Jerusalem I. He was gone a long time. I had begun to worry about him, and it turned out for good cause. When he arrived he told me the brakes on the truck were not working. The group was already in the church, so I ran up to the church and took some quick pictures, and then ran down to help Blanco and Simon work on the brakes. The first thing we did was pray that the Lord would help us fix them, and then we began work. Praise the Lord! We had them fixed before church was over. If the Lord had not shown us what to do, I was going to have to rent a truck to come and get us in the morning and pay for a trip into Port and back – a minimum of $300. God is so, so good.

While we were working on the truck the church was praising the Lord, as you will see in the photos. Our group was right in there with the Haitians, dancing and singing praises. Afterward Pastor Brad preached a powerful message. It was another great day with the Lord in Haiti. It’s awesome to watch His protective hand on us as we go about His work.

Thank you for your prayers. God bless.

Haiti January 6, 2014
Haiti January 4, 2014