The day of rest (Sunday) was over, and it was time to put the hand on the plow. This morning after breakfast and devotion, Karl led off with the projects that were before us. Ken from WI and a friend, John, who was here in Nov. 2011, designed a serving table for us and Ken, with the help of some of the other guys, got started on it. Ken had already done so many things around here–I can’t even begin to tell you everything. He is a planner. He plans everything before he begins, and I don’t think there is anything he can’t do. As you will see on one of the photos, Chuck G. is inspecting his work. I’m not sure, but I think Joe helped them, and Bryan, Karl and Bill worked on the bathrooms. They set a commode, hooked up the washing machine and put lights in two of the bathrooms.

I don’t know who did what exactly because George, Simon and I had to go to Port to pick up supplies, and George and I had some paperwork that we needed to take to Edy. I would rather take a good swift kick in the pants than go to Port. It always seems to be an all-day trip. The traffic is horrible, and you can never find everything you need at one place. We left the mission house at 8 a.m. and got back at 5 p.m. When we came in, I was amazed at everything these men had done. Ginette had dinner ready for us, and after eating Chuck and I immediately left to go to Palto, a little church made of sticks covered with tarps. We drove about 15 minutes and then had to walk about another 10 minutes to get to this little church. It was pitch black, but the stars were beautiful. The people anxiously awaited us. Most of these people had never seen a video before–it was exciting for them.

I really appreciate my brother, Chuck. He takes such joy in showing the Jesus film–it was a blessing for me. I was so tired after fighting traffic and looking for parts all day, that when we got back I really didn’t want to go with Chuck, but I didn’t want him to have to go by himself. All the other guys were really tired from working all day. I even told myself, ‘I can’t go; I need to put the entry in the website.’ I thank the Lord that I drove Chuck down there and walked the dark paths to help shine the light of our Lord to the people that live in darkness–it brought me back to the place I need to be. The reason we’re here–the only reason we’re here–is to share the Good News. I get so involved in the construction part that sometimes I lose the joy–and sometimes after a day in port, like today–but my Lord reminded me tonight why I’m here. What absolute joy and peace I had tonight. Chuck and I talked about it on the way back to the mission house, how all our life we searched for this happiness, never knowing about joy, and who would have thought that we would find it on an old dark dirt road in Haiti. It can’t be bought, it’s a free gift from our Lord!

Haiti January 17, 2012
Haiti January 15, 2012