This Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast which Ginette prepared for us, and afterward Karl gave the devotion. As always, it was very good, and actually lasted about two hours–though it didn’t seem like it. It was just a great time of Christian brothers discussing God’s Word. Afterward we went to church, and I had the opportunity to preach God’s Word. The Lord gave me the subject last night of fear, and how we fear so many things but we don’t fear God. We continually do things that are not pleasing to God and we aren’t even the least bit afraid of the consequences; yet we fear tomorrow, we fear being alone, we fear not having enough money to pay our bills, we fear death.  As scripture says, we need to fear the one who, though he was killed, has power to cast us into hell. I have to say, it was very quiet in the church. After the sermon three people came forward; one wanted us to pray for her sickness, the other wanted us to pray that she would be a better servant, and a young girl gave her life to Christ. Hallelujah!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! 

When church was over I spoke to Pastor Fani’s daughter. She is from the Dominican Republic. She came over at the first of this month and helped with a festival at Jerusalem II’s new location. (They have moved to a little plot of land.) We purchased tarps and 2×4’s for them for shelter. She said there are over 200 people there now. I am so proud of these brothers and sisters, who left a nice building to take their church under a tarp. They realize they, not the building, are the church.

After we had lunch we took a little hike around the area. We stopped in to see a converted voodoo priest, Slyvest, and his family and neighbors. They were so happy to see us–they love it when we come and visit. We visited people along the way, inviting them to the ‘Jesus film’ that we will be showing tonight. We went to Daniel’s to visit, and then to see another ex-voodoo priest, Ocenya. It was a beautiful day for a walkabout.

When we returned Jerry and Pastor Beau left to go pick up a team from St. Louis, Global Compassion Ministry. They will be staying in another facility and leaving tomorrow for the northwest. After they left, Karl got us all together to go over all the projects that we’re trying to finish this week. We would like to have all five bathrooms working, the washing machine working, and an outside light, among other things. Then Ginette had our supper ready for us and it was delicious, homemade chicken and dumplings. The dumplings were great.

Tonight Chuck G. will be showing the Jesus film, and we are expecting well over 100 people.        




Haiti January 16, 2012
Haiti January 14, 2012