Last night we thought we would let the kids have some fun, so Simon and I found some Tom & Jerry cartoons on DVD in Port. Chuck played over an hour of them outside on the side of Gabriel–we now have a portable cinema! The kids and adults laughed and laughed. It was a fun time.

This morning we had pancakes and ham–a really nice break from the cereal we usually have; Ginette is spoiling us. After breakfast we unloaded cases of baby food (2,448 jars) and baby formula (144 large cans) that Jerry gave us. This food came from Open Arms Ministry in Sedalia, MO; the shipping was paid for by Global Compassion.

When we finished, we lined out some jobs trying to prioritize all the projects. Ken started on the tile in one of the bathrooms, and we got some Haitian boys to start digging a trench for the drain for our washer. Karl and Jerry had to go deliver some more food and pick up supplies for Global Compassion’s team that is coming in tomorrow, and Simon and I had to go to Port au Prince to meet with Edy, who handles all our paperwork for vehicles.  After meeting with Edy we picked up Karl and headed for the old Dottie’s Guest House (now Our Father’s House) to meet with the new owner, Don. He has been teaching a Pastors’ Conference using ‘Experiencing God’ in French. We are looking into purchasing the books, but they are very expensive–about $14 each, and we will need about 150.

After our visit with Don we had lunch at a place called Epidor. It has hamburgers, lasagna, chicken, ice cream, cakes and all kinds of good food, but it is like a fast food place. It is on Delmas, which is the main street in Port au Prince. When we finished it was time to pick up Bill, Bryan and Joe at the airport. We picked them up about 4:30 and got up to the mission house at about 6:30. (We took the scenic route home so Bryan could see a little more of Haiti–this is his first trip.) When we arrived Ginette had some homemade spaghetti with asparagus ready for us, and a homemade dessert.

It will be an early night for us all tonight. Tomorrow I have the opportunity to preach, which I love to do–I’m excited!

Haiti January 15, 2012
Haiti January 13, 2012