Today Simon and I went into Port au Prince to pick up Ginette and buy food for the team. First we went to Petionville to buy paint for the mission house, then we met Ginette at One Stop Market. She already had half of the groceries in the cart. She is as much a part of this ministry as I am–without her and Simon it would be very difficult to accomplish the things we do. After shopping we went to a hardware store and bought a few things, then went to pick up ice. We got back about 3:00, and about a half hour later Karl, Jerry and Pastor Beau arrived. They had just spent a week in the northwest passing out food that had been shipped down, and doing some evangelising along the way.

They left January 7 from the mission house in Z’Orange. The first place they stopped was Baie de Henne, where Karl preached on Sunday morning with the help of Pastor Beau as interpreter. Sunday night they had an open-air service in Petit Paradis. Karl preached again, then they handed out food there. On Monday they went to a village in Petite Anse, where they worked on some water lines and handed out more food. On Tuesday they left for Premier Passe, and arrived late that afternoon. There they had a service, Karl preached again, and they passed out food, which was much needed. Ten people came forward and accepted Christ that evening–Hallelujah! As they were returning to Petit Paradis, the lights on the truck went out. They used a light bulb powered by a generator in the back of the truck to find their way. About halfway, the people who owned the generator got out of the truck and took the generator with them, so the rest of the way they only had moonlight. It was about a 3-hour trip.

On Wednesday they worked on the water lines again and worked in the garden. CAM (Christian Aid Ministries), north of Anse Rouge, came down and picked up some food. Thursday was their day to get a little rest and talk about some ideas for this area–solar panels, drip irrigation, etc. Altogether, they handed out 20,000 jars of baby food and 2000 cans of Similac baby formula among 12 different churches and mission groups.

Tomorrow we will pick up Bryan Grimes, Bill Chambless and Joe Hutchison, all from Fort Walton Beach. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Haiti January 14, 2012
Haiti January 12, 2012