Today was a great day. We had guests from the First Baptist Church of St. Charles. Pastor Brad had called me about 3 weeks ago to see if they could come up and visit us for a day, and I told him we would love that, so we set the date for today. They have been working on their mission church in Croix de Bouquet. I went to meet them at the bottom of the mountain.

When we arrived at the mission house I gave them a summary of TEM and how the Lord has blessed us, then gave them a tour of the property. It was so nice to have guests in our house. Madame Do prepared our food–fried chicken, rice with red sauce, beans, tomatoes, french fries, fried bananas and pickles (spicy slaw)–all served with ice-cold Cokes.

After lunch we went to Daniel’s voodoo village, and their team had VBS with the children. They told them stories and how to be saved, and gave them all necklaces that they had to make, and then gave them all a stuffed animal. The children had a wonderful time, as we all did. Today there was victory for the King in that village!

Afterward we drove up to Jerusalem IV so they could see how the churches get started. Jerusalem IV started out with just four poles, a thatched roof and sides, now it has tarps around the sides and old pieces of tin for a roof. I know that soon, by the grace of our Lord, He will provide the funds for a real building. We have already bought the land, and are waiting on the title. There is one man who lives in the States who has to come in and sign the papers. He is a member of the family that owns the land.

We said farewell to our brothers and sisters and headed back home. Ken had stayed behind to help fix bicycles for the children. Chuck G. and I got back about 4:00 and, before we knew it, it was dark. Chuck G. set up the ‘Jesus film’ outside tonight–he threw a screen over the side of Gabriel and started showing the movie. There were about 20 people at first and, within a few minutes, there were about 100.

It truly was a great day with our brothers and sisters!

Haiti January 13, 2012
Haiti January 11, 2012