I guess I will start off with a funny story. This morning when I woke up around 7:00, I couldn’t find my toothpaste or my toothbrush, so I asked Chuck if he had an extra one. He found a toothbrush that I had left here, but there was no toothpaste, so he went in the storage room and went through one of the bags that team members had left. It was full of things they didn’t want to take home. It always has deodorant, mosquito spray, toothpaste, batteries, etc. He pulled out a small tube and gave it to me. I went into the bathroom and put the paste on my toothbrush and began to brush. I was thinking, no wonder someone left this toothpaste here–it tastes like medicine. It really tasted bad, but I used it anyway. When I finished brushing my teeth, I told Chuck how terrible-tasting that toothpaste was. I asked him if he looked to see if it was toothpaste. He said no, so I went into the bathroom and read the label on the tube–it was a muscle rub. As my speech started to slur, I realized that stuff really works! Just kidding, but I played it up. I told Chuck that’s the last time I trust him. Of course, his excuse was he didn’t have his glasses on–still don’t know if I believe him.

Anyway, after all the laughter at my expense, we went into Port au Prince. I wanted to introduce Chuck and Ken to some of the people and shops that I do business with, so that when they come into town they will know where to go to buy things. After buying propane, we went to an appliance store and bought a washing machine–that’s right, a washing machine. I had a friend deliver it for us while we continued our shopping. We want to be able to wash the sheets and towels so that when a team comes, we can have all the beds made, and have fresh towels. It is really hard to believe that, after sleeping in the huts here for years, we now have a house with five indoor bathrooms, a refrigerator, stove, washing machine, ceiling fans, and beds with mattresses. God is so, so good!

After buying the washing machine we went to a couple of hardware stores and picked up some supplies. Then we went to a market for some groceries for lunch tomorrow. Pastor Brad, of First Baptist Church of St. Charles, is bringing 19 people up to visit with us and have lunch. We worked together last January to build a church in Croix de Bouquet.

We got in about 5:00, and I had a meeting with Pastor Do about things that have been going on since I left last time. Jerusalem 2 is still having problems, so we keep praying.


Report by Chuck Guerber

On Tuesday evening, Ken and I loaded up the video equipment in a backpack, and the screen in a guitar case, and headed out to show the ‘Jesus movie.’ We were met by Gibson, a friend of the pastor whose church we were going to. It was an easy walk, and we were greeted very warmly. We set up the equipment, and we were able to use their generator for power. There were about 75-85 people in attendance–Praise God! Pastor Jonas was so, so thankful. He went to the market earlier in the day to buy us bottled water and juice. We appreciated it, but we asked him to give it to someone there that may really need it–we didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but we have plenty back at the mission house. We took a different way back, seeing as it was very dark. It was a little out of our way, but along a road.

God bless all who have made this trip possible for us to get out and share the Word of Christ through these movies.

Chuck & Ken

Haiti January 12, 2012
Haiti January 9, 2012