Today Simon and I got up early and went into Port au Prince to open a checking account for the school. When we went into the bank there must have been 30 people in line to deposit money, and another 15 waiting to talk to clerks to open accounts. This is the way banks are every day here, so next time you have to wait 5 to 10 minutes at one of our banks, be thankful. I was aware that this would be the case, so I had called a good friend of mine who owns a hardware store here yesterday to see if he knew the manager of the bank. He does, so he called him and made an appointment for Simon and me at 9:00 this morning. We walked right in, and 50 minutes later we had an account. You can just imagine how long it would have taken if we didn’t have friends here. Thank you, Jesus!

After our banking excursion, we drove back to Z’Orange and ate lunch; then, being the old man I am, I took an hour nap. After my relaxing nap, we headed back to Port to pick up the team coming in at 4:00. I bribed my way into the airport, as usual, and met Clint & Lisa Downing, Sandy Perez and Kaylie Poplin. Everything went smoothly, and we got back to the mission house by 5:30. Ginette had all the beds made and ready for everyone, and dinner was ready to be served.

After dinner we met with the administrators of the school. The meeting lasted about 3 hours – it went well and they graciously thanked us many times for being here and helping them. We all agree that we have to work together in harmony and continue to pray if we are to succeed. I believe we will exceed our expectations with God as our guide. This is an exciting time for all of us. We want all the children to put God first and to use their education to glorify Him. Please, please be praying for us. We will be taking photos and getting information from the children tomorrow.

Haiti August 31, 2012
Haiti August 29, 2012