I arrived in Haiti yesterday and, as the Haitians would say, “li menm toujou” – it is the same as always. Despite the tropical storm and predicted hurricane, and our wonderful weather channel that always shows the worst possible video it can find, all that happened here was a storm with winds and rain. Unfortunately, there are always some deaths here when there’s a lot of rain – people build their huts or put up tents in flood-prone areas.

Today Simon and I went into Port au Prince to deposit some money into Simon’s bank account. We are trying again this year to acquire a visa for Simon to come to the States in October. He was denied last year, and we think it was because he didn’t have enough money in his bank account. The country of Haiti wants to make sure that people who leave Haiti will come back. They want to see that they have a job, a family, land, a house, and a bank account. Simon has all of these, and he will be interviewing with the American embassy on Sept 19, so please be praying that God will make a way. I would love to have him come to our TEM Appreciation Banquet on Oct. 19.

When we came back from Port, Simon pumped water for the local people using our generator from our new well. The good news is, not only can we pump water with our generator, but our older well with the hand pump works now. When Simon finished, we walked down to Sylvest’s house and gave him some medications that were recommended to me by several of our doctors. Some of you may know that Slyvest (a converted voodoo priest for many years) has a really bad skin condition on his legs and feet. I’m praying that these meds and the cream will heal his problem. He was so excited, and he told me to tell everyone in America ‘thank you’ for your meds and prayers.

Tomorrow Clint and Lisa Downing, Sandy Perez, and Kaylie Poplin will be flying in to register all the children in the school here at Z’Orange. This is a huge project for us, and we cannot do it without your prayers. I believe a true vision from God is always beyond what we think we can do, and I can tell you that is the case – this is a God-size vision. We will be taking photos of and information from each of the students. We don’t know exactly how many students there will be, but I have heard from 300 to 450 students this year. After we have the photos, people will be able to go to our website and sponsor a child for $25 a month for 10 months – wouldn’t it be nice if we could send our children to school for that amount of money? This is a great opportunity for yourself, your family, your Sunday school class, or your church. If you choose to sponsor a child, we will send you the link to your child with his/her photo and all of his/her information so you can pray for them. Also, who knows – maybe one day you will come and meet them?!

Haiti August 30, 2012
Greetings from India