Report by Kaylie Poplin

Bonjour from Haiti! It’s 5:15 p.m. here in Haiti, and as Clint, Lisa, Sandy, Chuck and I sit around the table, the aroma of the dinner Ginette is cooking is slowly filling the room. It has been a full day already, but such an amazing day. Today we were able to put action to what has been a dream and vision for Clint, Lisa, Chuck and others for years now. College Evangelic Baptist Jerusalem Des Orangers (the school) is in the first stages of having a sponsorship program set up so that people from America get the opportunity to sponsor a child to go to school. Registration started this morning at 8:00 a.m., but in Haiti that means expect people to come at anytime. As Clint and Sandy took shoe sizes, pant sizes, shirt sizes and birthdays, Lisa and I took pictures of the children. Many hours and 301 registrations later, we are able to start setting up the website to sponsor the children! God is so good! He was so sovereign in putting this team together. It is already obvious that there are specific reasons for why He brought each of us here. After registration Clint, Lisa and I went on a walk around the village. As soon as we started walking, groups of kids started walking with us. We each had one or two kids on each arm. As we walked they shouted, “Clint! Lisa!” It is amazing how they never forget you once you come here. I hope they see the faithfulness of God towards them through the faithfulness of Clint and Lisa to come back again and again. God’s faithfulness has been the theme of today!

Haiti September 1, 2012
Haiti August 30, 2012