Report by Kristin Gates

This is my third time to Haiti this year. God has been so gracious to provide a way for our family to come. Each time we love it more. Haiti is love. You feel the love of God here with His people. The smiles on their faces are genuine.

Today we went back to Daniel’s voodoo village to do the medical clinic. So many needs were met. The people stood and waited so patiently. One of the ladies we ministered to was in her seventies. She let us know that she would not give her life to Christ but only satan. Pastor Jeremy had the opportunity to share with her that Jesus is the Truth and that He is the only way to Heaven. She allowed us to pray with her.

I can’t wait to return to Z’Orange. When we are here I feel like we are home. May God continue to bless Haiti and His people.


Report by Corinne Hutchison

This is my second time here in Haiti and I have fallen in love with this beautiful country and its people once again. It is truly incredible to sense God’s presence around our team and the people we work with. Earlier this afternoon we visited the orphanage and just loved on the kids, told the story of Noah’s ark, handed out stickers and candy and played games with them. At the beginning of VBS a few of the older kids sang for us a song in English, it was extraordinary to hear their beautiful song in continual praise and gratefulness for what they have, even though it is so little. I continue to be humbled each day here in Haiti, it is amazing to see the children’s pure joy and love that they so freely share with us. I simply love Haiti; from the people to the beautiful moon over the mountains each night, Haiti feels like home. I hope I will have the opportunity to return soon to show God’s love to my dear sweet friends.


Report by Dalton Edeker

This is my second time to Haiti; the children here are so kind in the way that they love us, each other, and God. Many times every day I sit back in my chair and think how lucky I am to be here. One of these times today was sitting in an orphanage listening to the children sing songs to us, and yesterday visiting a former voodoo priest who gave his life to Christ a few years ago. We visited a voodoo village and ministered to the children through VBS.

VBS was a blessing in itself; the children loved listening to the story of Noah as we acted it out and one of the interpreters translated the story to Creole. After the story we did crafts and had the children draw lions with crowns on coffee filters, and then we handed out candy and stickers. The smiles on the children’s faces brought joy to my heart and a smile to my own face. The love that is expressed here and the care that is expressed by the people doing the medical clinics is so great, and I know the adults and children are grateful. The work that is being done here is going to save so many lives, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

Haiti August 3, 2015
Haiti August 1, 2015