Report by Jenna Sasser

This is my fourth trip to Haiti with Truth Evangelistic Ministry, and it has been one of my favorite trips so far! This morning, after a wonderful breakfast made by Ginette (egg omelet and cheese biscuits) we went to church at Jerusalem I. I love the way the Haitians worship. They put their heart and soul into worship, and truly mean it. I so wish that every American could come to Haiti to see how grateful we should be in America. Sometimes we take church for granted–we just go to go, or go because someone wants us to, or go because we have to–we don’t go to be in the presence of The Lord. We take so much for granted at home–food whenever we want, plenty of choices to drink, a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep on, and yet some of us still want more. These Haitians love The Lord, and they are grateful for what little they have.

After church we ate lunch and played outside with the kids; they have been so joyful that they have someone to play with. Then we came inside and helped inventory all the medications and supplies from the medical clinics. The Haitians have no access to medical help–to see how many came for the medical clinics we held was amazing! They came from all around to get medical attention. After inventory I went back outside to play with the kids, and then it started pouring rain. Who knows if we will have church tonight if the rain continues…..Please keep the team in your prayers for the remainder of the trip, that we all would show Christ’s love to everyone–everyone on our team, and all the Haitians.


Report by Miranda Gates

Hello friends. This is my third time in Haiti and I love it. My favorite thing to do is just to be with the kids. We play all kinds of games. This week we did VBS for the kids. We told Bible stories and played games. Just to see joy on their faces brings me happiness. Tonight we are going to church. I love to hear the people sing. I can’t wait until we can come back in September. Thank you for all the prayers. I LOVE HAITI!!!!!!!

Haiti August 4, 2015
Haiti August 2, 2015