Friday evening we took a little walkabout and visited the people in Z’Orange and gave out some food on our way to Daniel’s voodoo village. When we arrived there were a few people and some children. We began singing songs, praising the Lord, and more and more people came to join in. Young and old danced and sang as we praised our Lord. I know satan hates it when we are there, especially when we’re praising Jesus. After about 1/2 hour of singing we started the Jesus film. Afterward Pastor Jeremy spoke about salvation, and gave out lighted bracelets, which they all loved. I wish you could see how intently the young and old watch the Jesus film. The little children sit quietly taking it all in.

Today, Saturday, I took Craig and Melissa to the airport to go home and also took Linda, Rebecca and Jordon to a guest house in Port. The rest of the team is having a medical clinic at Daniel’s village today. Thank you for all your prayers.

Haiti August 2, 2015
Haiti July 31, 2015