Report by Jennifer Maloy

What another wonderful day in God’s service in Haiti. This morning we held another medical clinic at Jerusalem I. There were Haitian people who had hiked 2 hours down a mountain to be seen in our clinic today because they have no other medical care available to them. There was no grumbling or complaining, just a gracious spirit that someone would listen and take care of whatever they needed. As a nurse, it breaks my heart to have such limitations on what we can do for these people, especially knowing the conditions are treatable. God has really used this trip to convict me of my grumbling and complaining. It is hard to do here because as I look around I see so many who haave nothing, and it makes what I want to complain about seem like nothing.

Tonight we are going to Daniel’s voodoo village to show the Jesus film. An area that was once occupied by Satan is being overtaken in the name of Christ. It is such a blessing to see the children learning about Jesus and know we are playing a part in spreading the good news of Christ here. We are all looking forward to going.

Please join us in praying for the people of Haiti. Please pray that God’s Spirit will just be poured out on these people. Please pray for safe travel for the members of our team who are leaving tomorrow, and for the members who remain here. We are all tired and hot, so please pray daily for our strength to be renewed and our focus to remain on God’s will and purpose for this trip.     – With love from Haiti ~ Bondye beni ou ~ God bless you!

Haiti August 1, 2015
Haiti July 30, 2015