Report by Jamie Flaigle

Jola had asked me casually many times at church if I would like to accompany her to Haiti. Every time, I answered with the same response: “No, thank you.” Then one time, somehow, some way, the word “Yes” escaped my mouth, so here I am in Haiti with the most wonderful, supportive, and loving group of women I could ask for. The dynamic is incredible, with many different talents and skills in one place, all to serve the Lord! We have nurses who can heal, voices that can sing beautiful praises and recite scripture, animated storytellers, and actresses to express those stories.

The question has been asked of me many times, “Is Haiti what you expected?” To answer honestly, I had to idea what to expect; however, what I didn’t expect was the pure happiness of all the people. Yes, the thankfulness and joy of the people who may not have shoes that fit–or shoes at all, for that matter. This is a HUGE reminder to me, and hopefully those around me, to seek fulfillment in the Lord and not worldly things. We think the Haitians are “poor,” but perhaps it is us who can’t see the many blessings surrounding us every day because we are busy with the work that makes us “rich.” God is revealing moment by moment, day by day, why I said “Yes” to this experience.

Haiti April 8, 2016
Haiti April 6, 2016