Report by Jola Casey

We are on the home stretch and I don’t like it. I miss my husband and all of you at home, but leaving here will be especially difficult for me this time. Just when you think that it couldn’t get any better, it does. Yesterday we traveled to a tent church at the top of the mountain to do a VBS. There were 200 children! They were so involved and interactive with us. Jan has been the storyteller at every VBS, and she has really gotten the kids involved–she is so animated and dynamic that the kids can’t help but love her. We have thoroughly enjoyed the children in that setting. We came back to the Truth campus and hosted another short educational clinic for the high school girls. Phenomenal! Message to my girlfriends in the sewing project: WE CAN’T HAVE ENOUGH HYGIENE KITS. EVER. So let’s keep sewing. The birthing kits have also been a huge blessing. Thank you, UMW!

We were blessed to travel today back to Port au Prince and visit New Life Children’s Home. Saw some old friends and loved on the handicapped children. God has totally revealed Himself to us on this trip. It has been a pleasure to love His people here. Some people have said to us, “You are crazy to go to Haiti.” But I say that we are in God’s will, and there is no greater place to be.

Haiti April 9, 2016
Haiti April 7, 2016