Report by Paige Casey

“HOLY HAITI” is a phrase I have said many times in my life, but really, “HOLY HAITI.” If you could only experience it, just once. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this trip has been, not only for me but for our group as a whole. If you didn’t know I hate the heat, but it doesn’t even matter in Haiti! Yes, it is HOT. But, seeing the amazing things God is doing in Haiti–the heat doesn’t even matter. Bro. Chuck has been such a blessing…not only to us, but to the people of Haiti as well. I hope to be as wise as Bro. Chuck one day. This morning we got to do another VBS with the kiddos here at the church, which was awesome like all the others have been. After we did VBS we asked the girls to stay, and we were able to explain to them about the hygiene kits. To the wonderful women back home – Thank you! You are blessing the women in Haiti. The first question Sheila asked was, “Has anyone ever explained to you why you have a menstrual cycle?” They all answered no. I was in shock…this explained so much.

Today we went to one of the voodoo villages. As we were walking Bro. Chuck and I were talking about the beauty of Haiti, and many other things. One thing he pointed out to me was an area that looked to be someone’s garden. Let me tell you, I will never complain about my garden again. I would love for my Grandpa Earl to see the gardens here. Let me explain–ROCKS. But the amazing thing is, things grow.

This is my third trip to Haiti, and every time I come it just keeps getting better and better. Every time I go home I am ready to give everything away and help others as much as possible, but it always seems to wear off. I just pray that this time it sticks – that I remember that everything I have is God’s! He gave me the ability to work, and the glory is to Him I owe. God is GREAT! Hope for Haiti, and the great things that will happen here. Keep Haiti in your prayers.


Report by Sheila Raaf

I love little children, and I can usually quiet them. This morning I could not calm this little girl–not quite 2 yrs old–who was waiting at the well while her mother pumped a bucket of water to take to her home. Her home is probably an 8×10 room with a tin roof and no window coverings or an actual door to close. So I gave up trying to calm the child and went to have some quiet time and write in my journal. As I sat outside, I heard the familiar cry of that same little girl. As it continued, I felt that I needed to go to that child – she must be sick, or something is wrong. Pat and one of our interpreters went with me down the paths toward the sound of the crying child. Yes, the toddler was sick–with runny nose and, according to the mother, she has worms. She was open to returning with us so that we could give her tylenol and worming medicine. After explaining through the interpreter how and when to take the medicine, I asked if we could pray for the child. Taylor–age 15, the youngest member of our group–and I laid hands on the child and mother and prayed for them. That was an awesome feeling–that God would use us to be able to help them and to bless them!

We had planned to go to the voodoo village this morning to do a VBS with the younger kids, but God had different plans for us–we stayed and did VBS for a group of about 40 older kids. Afterward we took an unplanned opportunity to share with the young girls about personal feminine hygiene, and we gave them hygiene kits. We were able to share with them why they have their monthly period, and explain that God has wonderfully created us. Showing them charts and explaining through Ginnette, our interpreter, we talked about how we become pregnant, how God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman, and what some of the consequences are of having different sexual partners. Just like American girls, they giggled and squirmed as they first were introduced to the subject. It only took a moment for the embarrassment to pass, and they became very attentive and hung on every word that was being shared. They leaned forward to see the charts even better; they have not been taught about these things. I felt humbled to be able to share with them that God loves them, and that it is written in His word that we will have pain with childbirth–BUT, children and family are a great blessing from God. We had little sewing kits, and the girls allowed us to sew on buttons, repair hems and ripped pockets, and close simple tears in their uniforms. We sent the sewing kits home with them–what a blessing to close in prayer.

So, God changed our plans. He obviously knew that we could be used much better this morning right where we were to serve Him by sharing Bible stories, singing praise songs, playing games with a big colorful parachute, and teaching them. The day is only half over right now. We will be going to the voodoo village this afternoon, and then to a nearby church tonight. It will be amazing to see where God leads us, how He humbles us and uses us to serve Him the rest of our time in Haiti. God is blessing us greatly in many ways while we are here. Your continued prayers are appreciated as we reach out to help others in His name. So much to share, but will leave the subject of the schools to someone else in our group.

Haiti April 7, 2016
Haiti April 5, 2016