Report from LeaAnn for the Haiti team

Dear family and friends of TEM,

It is hard to write about all our experiences for a day but, as the “writer” for the day, I will try to catch you up on the events from my perspective. I can say that it is clear that God is doing a work in all of our hearts. He has also been portioning pieces of our hearts to leave behind in Haiti.

Bro. Chuck, Neal, Clint, Syd and I went travelling today to look and learn from other clinics. Travel is slow (though Bro. Chuck was amazed at how quickly we travelled the outskirts of Port au Prince), so we only visited two sites. Though we would like to think about a small, humble clinic only yards away from the current mission site, it is only about an acre in size. We are now sure that we need to pray for a piece of land that is about 5-10 acres. So, pray with us, if you will.

We finished the third day of our ladies conference yesterday. The first message was just common advice on how to study the scripture. I wanted the women to get a high view of the word of God, and I began with 2 Peter 1. Ginette read them the passage, and it begins “we have all things we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of God…..”  So, simple question: “What are the benefits of knowing God?” Silence. Wow. I wanted to finish the passage, so rich and full it is. I was stopped right there. “PRAY,” I mouthed to Julia and Hannah. Further questioning revealed that only 3 of the 38 women there could even read. “So, God, why am I even sharing this lesson?” I prayed while Ginette was translating for me. Anyway, we cut the lesson short so I could emphasize points. We had sweet fellowship and asked questions about each other’s lives. Then, I shared a 4-point outline on how to share the gospel with people. Though a few seemed really interested, I wasn’t sure whether they really got it. Later, however, Ginette came to me and told me how many women found her and told her how these messages were the very best! (Who would guess?) I told the women that we would pray specifically about a literacy program for them, and I challenged the readers to share the word with the non-readers. I challenged them all that non literacy is not an excuse not to share the gospel with their neighbors. Will you join in prayer for these things, as well?

Today, many others went to share VBS at the nearby voodoo village. They could feel that they were in enemy territory, but were thrilled to break down strongholds and  speak truth in a place where lies reign.

Tomorrow we finish our time here and begin our travel. It will be tough to leave, and we have seen real beauty here amidst the chaos and dust. The dust gives us a visual: The fields are white unto harvest– pray for workers!  Love to you, and to Haiti, in Christ Jesus.

Haiti December 7, 2012
Haiti December 5, 2012