The teams are on their way home now, and it’s very quiet in the mission house. Only Ginette, Simon, Pat Gary and I are here. In the quiet, there is a peace of a job well done. God has allowed one more group of Americans to come and listen to Him, to give them direction and help them understand what it means to ‘be still and know that I am God’ – to help them understand what true poverty is. Yet in the poverty, there is joy in the Lord. It reminds me of a little American boy here one time telling his father as they watched the Haitian children play that he felt sad for them. And the father said “I know, son, they don’t have anything,” and the little boy said “No, Dad, not that they don’t have anything – I feel sad for them because they don’t have Jesus.” A child saw the true poverty.

Thanks to this group and your prayers and gifts; the people here were able to see the love and compassion of Christ in His chosen ones. God bless you all.

Haiti January 10, 2013
Haiti December 6, 2012