We have had a really busy day, and I just got back from Port au Prince around 7 p.m. after picking up Betty Summer from South Carolina. The rest of the team went to Jerusalem IV Church for service tonight. This morning most of the team hiked up the mountain to Jerusalem II to start the medical clinic and VBS. This hike takes about 2 hours, and the first 45 minutes are straight up the mountain. It is not for the faint of heart. Some of the ladies stayed here to finish up the ladies conference. They finished about 11:30 and I was able to drive the Ford all the way to the church. They have built a road that is passable most of the way and the last part is a goat trail, but we made it. We stayed until around 2 p.m. and it was time to leave so the team could get back before dark. By the time everyone arrived they were ready for that ice cold shower that people sometimes complain about.

Tomorrow Neal, LeeAnn, Betty, Sydney and I will drive to Love A Child to look at their clinic. It is a very nice clinic that was built in partnership with Joyce Myers. We are hoping to get some ideas about God’s clinic here. We have located some property and we are making an offer tomorrow. We will see what God wants us to do.

Haiti December 6, 2012
Haiti December 4, 2012