Report from Chuck Guerber

Yesterday, Chris and four Haitian workers came to finish up the well. When they were getting close to being finished, Pastor Do told us that his wife was making a meal for all of us. So at around 1:30, we sat down in the mission house to another great meal. Rice and beans along with some cooked vegetables, topped off with Pringles and Cokes.

Today was a more relaxing day. This morning I took a 2-hour walk in the village, stopping and trying to speak with the locals. Mid-days and afternoons are becoming very warm. Actually, they’re hot! But I was able to clean out Gabriel (the army truck), disconnect the batteries, and change the padlocks on the different compartments. I had to change the padlocks because someone (that would be me) left all the keys on the fuel tank when they filled it up. Needless to say, the keys had a lot of opportunities to bounce off the truck coming up the mountain on the way back from Port. I then straightened up the mission house and put trunks up in the storage area. Late afternoon was spent sitting outside with the kids.

My desire to show the ‘Jesus film’ in the evenings has been consistently interrupted by rains. Praise the Lord, because they really need the rain. People won’t come out when it’s raining, which is understandable. Showing the movies in the evening was my plan, God’s plan is always better!

People from the church here have been so kind. I have had four different families bring me fruit. They have brought mangoes, bananas, lemons, and something that I have no clue what it is! Simon, our interpreter, will be up tomorrow. I’ll pass it by him.

I thank the Lord for another beautiful day in Haiti!

Haiti March 31, 2012
Haiti March 27-28, 2012