AWESOME is the only word that even comes close to describing our God. As you may remember, the need for water in Z’Orange was very great. The pump well had gone dry, and only a few gallons could be pumped every couple of hours. The people who used to wash their clothes, take baths, and get water from the creeks that are now dry, were scavenging for water just to drink and cook with. It was a very sad situation. Again, you may have read that the cost of a new well would be $5000, and with a submersible pump installed, $6000. We also need to build a concrete platform off the ground several feet with two 500-gallon cisterns on top, so the water will flow with gravity. The estimate for the platform and cistern is about $2000. So the total cost would be around $8000. We just had a couple give us another $500, so all we need to finish this project is $1500. There is no doubt God’s hand is on this project, so if you want some of HIS blessings, please help us have the funds to finish this work.

Within two days of this need being known, $3500 was donated, and then another $2500 came in, so we had the money for the well. David Heady, with Global Outreach Ministries in Haiti, had said he would put us on a list for the end of May. I called to let him know that we had the money, and he said he was going to dig the well now anyway, and we could pay him later. Then the miracle was that he told me he had just talked to Tim, of Healing Hands International, who is actually drilling the well, and told him that TEM really needed a well as soon as possible. The well was drilled yesterday and they just finished up today (March 28). David Heady will go back up to Z’Orange on Friday to put in the submersible pump for us.

First, we thank God for His favor that He has shown us; then, many thanks to David Heady and Global Outreach Ministry of Haiti, working with Tim of Healing Hands International. May the Lord continue to bless their families and the ministries He has given them.

I will be flying back to Haiti on April 6 for the Pastors’ Conference, and Karl Lieber will be arriving a few days later to help hook up the well with our cistern. Karl will also be bringing the plans for the cisterns for the community.

I am so blessed to have my brother, Chuck Guerber, there in Haiti to give us a daily update. Here are his pictures and information about the drilling of the well.


First report from Chuck Guerber – March 27

The well drillers hit water at 90 ft. At 110 ft., they got about 10 gallons-per-minute flow, which David said is really good. They are still drilling and are at about 150 ft., and David wants to go even lower.

They have had to go back once for parts, and have blown out a couple of seals since. Pray for continued success and safety. This is quite the project. But these guys are not going to settle for second best. They are very dedicated in their work.

David’s wife came up and brought a group of five people from Owens, KY, with her. I took them to Sylvest’s, then to Osenya’s. Nice walk-around. I probably should get back to the well. Just wanted to give you the good news–Praise God!


Second report from Chuck – March 27

The picture of the group in the mission house, from left to right is: Casey and Becky (sitting down), Meredith, Eugene and Tonya (a family), and Judy and David Heady. Pastor Do, his wife and helpers prepared the food for the feeding program this morning. The kids ate around 10:00. David Heady, Tim Vanderbeek, Snaider (a Haitian), David and Matthew Brown (father and son from NC) arrived shortly after 10. They determined the best location for the new well. What a project that turned out to be! They broke a seal and had to drive back for parts. They ended up going through a few seals before the day was done. They hit water at 90 ft. Again at 110. They were very persistent and wanted to go deeper. At around 150 ft, they hit really good water! They worked hard up until they stopped for the day at around 6 p.m.

This afternoon, David’s wife Judy brought a group of 5 people from Greensburg, NC, who were visiting for the week, up to see the drilling. I showed them around the mission house, then we went for a walk around the village. We went to see Sylvest, an ex-voodoo priest, and talked with his family. I should say that Judy can speak very good Creole, so she did the interpreting. We then went on to Osenya’s. He’s a voodoo priest, but comes to church sometimes. He wasn’t home, but his wife and children were. After showing them his voodoo temple, Judy led us all in a prayer that she spoke in Creole. We returned to the mission house to find the drillers still hard at it. About 5 p.m., I got a call from Simon. He was to be coming up with a bunch of wood for pastor Do’s house. The truck hauling it broke down by Titian (the turn off to come up the mountain), and Simon asked me to come and get him in Gabriel. I hooked up the batteries and–praise God–it started right up! Simon and I met the well drillers on the road going home. They said they would be back up here tomorrow, God willing, to finish it up. We are so blessed to have them come on short notice. Simon and I got back safely to the mission house about 7:30 p.m.

We thank God for a great day. A lot was accomplished today, and the glory goes to God!


Third report from Chuck – March 28

The drillers have left, and a guy who works with David is finishing up. The drillers told me the well is 153 ft. deep. The guy who works with David said there is 83 ft. of water–Thank you, Lord!

Haiti March 30, 2012
Haiti March 24, 2012