Report from Chuck Guerber

David and his workers came up about 2 p.m., and it started raining about 2:30. It was a sloppy mess, as you can imagine. They got the pump all set up, and we hooked up the garden hose we had. The hose reaches from the well to the cistern in front of the school. As you know, nothing comes easy, but eventually there was success. The photo shows how it is set up. David put a hose connection and also left a run for underground piping to our cistern. He also left 185 feet of 1″ tubing for us. I’ll have to measure tomorrow, but David thought it would be enough to get to our cistern.

I let the hose run and filled up the church cistern for the local people. I also had our cistern filled. The new well and pump can pump a lot of water quickly! I had boys carrying buckets to our 55-gallon drum, and I was able to leave our sump pump running in the drum. The well easily stayed ahead of the sump pump.

David says that we should have water for the rest of our lives now. Thanks be to God!


Report from Chuck Martindale

TEM has been blessed to be able to buy Simon a much-needed motorcycle. Simon has been getting rides on motorcycles and tap-taps (Haitian taxis) for years, serving the ministry back and forth from Port au Prince to Z’Orange. He wants to say thank you to everyone who supports TEM!

Haiti April 1, 2012
Haiti March 30, 2012