Growing up in the South, we always had our Sunday dinner right after Church. It was sort of a celebration to end the week or begin anew. No one was allowed to miss unless you were sick or dead. It was me and my two sisters, Momma, Daddy and my recently widowed Grandmother. We all had our own assigned seating. We knew better than to sit in Daddy’s seat. Momma and my Grandmother, had prepared a feast the night before. We usually had roast beast (that what the kids called it) and all the fixings.

After Church, Momma made us change “our going to church clothes” and made us hang them up. Back then, the boys wore a suit and tie, and the girls only wore a dresses to Sunday School. It was high cotton on Sundays in the South. Dinner was finally served around One o’clock which seemed like forever since we were all starving. We would sit in our assigned seats. Momma would say grace and we would begin passing the serving plates. No one was allowed to eat until everyone was served. We learned many lessons at that table. We forged many friendships at that table. We mourned my Grandmother and my Momma’s death at that table. That table is where we learned a lot about life and each other. What a peaceful and wonderful place that table represented.

Jesus and his Disciples spent many meals together around a table talking and fellowshipping. For three years, they learned lessons from the master. They built relationships and got to know one another. That table symbolized family and supplication. You see the Table was an important part of life in Jesus’s ministry. It was at that Table that the Last Supper was served. Jesus revealed his final lessons before his crucifixion.

The Table is still important today in our busy world. As Christians we need to learn to slow down and spend time with our family. It is important that we spend time with other believers and encourage one another. And what a great place to sit down with the lost, share a meal and talk about the Good News of Jesus.

“Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

Won’t you come to the table? Jesus is calling you today. Accept his invitation and change your life for ever!

All that's left are the crumbs…
You Have to Let Go