Theni – Day 2

The small village church we started our day with yesterday is exactly the kind of church I envisioned when I was making plans with Vijay last January. I wanted to go to a place in India where there was a small church that no Americans would visit. This church was started by a man who was trained by Light of Hope Mission, a ministry that Vijay is very closely associated with. This man went into a Hindu village and established a small congregation of Christians, which now reach out to Hindus. And today we got to begin our day there.

We were welcomed by the pastor and the congregation with loving arms. After sharing and encouraging the congregation, we had lunch, which was prepared by the pastor’s wife and some of the other ladies. Naturally it was Indian style and delicious. We left and got back to the hotel about 4:30 p.m. and were able to rest for a couple of hours before we were off again.

This time we were headed to a small church that was 45 minutes away. And once again we were made to feel so welcomed by the church. After Will and I shared the gospel, we were taken to the pastor’s house where we had dinner. Walking down a narrow alley late at night made us think that this may have been how the early Christian brothers and sisters treated the disciples as they traveled to different areas. Vijay told us that we had received a dignitary’s welcome with the drum and horn. You can see this in the photos. Little girls danced and people sang for us.

Then we were on our way to Madurai where will spend three days. After about two hours we arrived and checked into our hotel. We actually got to sleep until 8:00a.m. tomorrow. Halleluiah!

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September 30, 2007
September 28, 2007