Theni – Day 1

We left at 4:00 am for a 5 hour van ride to Theni. The van was not that bad but the roads were a little rough. When we arrived we went straight to the first of two services that were to be held at a particular church over the next 2 days. The services were to be held in a small building but there were over 100 people so we met outside. Most of the people were baby Christians who were previously Hindu, with the rest being Hindu. The team loved this place. It was in the country with cows, dogs, chickens, oxen and my kind of people, country people. These are the people I don’t think many Americans would come and share the Gospel with. I think the people in this small village were surprised to see us take the time to visit them. Karl and Will preached while Charlie, Josh and I went around the country side handing out tracts inviting Hindus to come the next day. After the service we fed everyone. The pastor’s wife fixed us a delicious lunch which actually had chicken in it. Most of the time we eat rice with sauces, which don’t include meat, so this was awesome.

Afterwards we checked into a hotel that was about an hour away and were able to get a couple of hours of rest before we were off again. At 5:00 PM we were headed out to another small church in a rural area that was about an hour away. This is the kind of area that I love to go to, and it was great. It was a very small church with most people at the service being Christian. We encouraged them to go share their faith. When it was over the pastor had us go to his small house where we had dinner. I cannot describe the experience; it was like when Paul and the other disciples went out and the churches took care of them. It was very humbling.

Tomorrow we have two speaking engagements, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Then we leave for Madurai, where we will be for three days.

God bless you all that are praying for us. The flesh is getting a little tired but the Spirit is strong.

Check out the pictures of our road trip and the little village of Theni. You will also see pictures of us praying for people. Wherever we go to speak, we try to pray for people as they come to us individually following the event.

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September 29, 2007
September 26-27, 2007