Brother Chuck had another great visit with his friends at JADA (Jesus, Alcoholics & Drug Addicts). Don Mount started this wonderful Christian program years ago, and it is a place for men to come to learn how to live and work in the world. It is also a place for them to have meetings and church, where they can find out what God has in store for them. The project has grown to the point that Don brought on Bro. Tom to be his right hand man and oversee the project. Bro Chuck always enjoys speaking at JADA because that is where he came from. He says it helps him remember the awesome miracle God did in his life and he hopes this gives hope to the men there.

To learn more about JADA, you can contact Bro. Don or Bro. Tom at 850-244-5357.

September 13, 2007
September 10, 2007