“Owe no man any thing, but to love on another.” Romans 13:8

Just wanted to share a story with you. Our Church was trying to raise money for a cistern for a Church in Haiti. We came up short. And as most churches we were contemplating whether to go ahead and build it and possibly borrowing the money. We decided that if God wanted a cistern this year He would have given us the money and we have told the Church in Haiti that it isn’t possible this year. To some this doesn’t sound like much of a story, but if we could make this kind of decision in our lives and in our Church we would not be in financial bondage. Our Lord wants us to be free, free from this world, not living in stress that we impose on ourselves. Do we not trust the Lord to provide for our needs, not our wants? When are we going to stop this insanity of building and buying things that we don’t have the money for. It is not of our Lord. Let us trust in Him and Him alone.

November 26, 2006
October 13, 2006