This morning Brother George took us to the airport for our all-day journey back home. George will take the truck back to Love A Child where Bobby and Sherri so graciously let us keep it. We will be returning January 18, 2009.

As always, God chose the ones that needed to go on this trip and they will be blessed for obedience. My prayer is that they will never forget their experience with our Lord in Haiti and won’t let satan and this world suck them back in to be as they were, as if this never happened.

I am the most blessed man I know of that my Lord allows me to take people to different parts of the world and watch them grow as I see myself grow and getting closer to him. Every day is a great day because the time is getting closer when He returns. The urgency to tell everyone about Christ is here. Today is the day of salvation.

Haiti Mission Trip July 28, 2009
November 7, 2008