The Team Returns To Port
Today we leave to go down the mountain to Dottie’s Guest house. To most, Dottie’s House was nice and clean and okay to the standards of Americans when they first stayed at the house the first night but now it is like a 5 star hotel (indoor toilets, refrigerator, indoor showers).

As we started loading the trucks there were many tears from the Americans and Haitians as we said our goodbyes. When we reached the bottom of the mountain at a village called Teyayan they were having market, as you will see in the pictures. They have this every Friday.

As we got into Port-au-Prince I stopped at a little restaurant and we had some really delicious steak sandwiches and French fries with a cold coke. Afterwards we went to Dottie’s and all got showers and were able to rest the remainder of the evening. As usual Dottie fixed us a wonderful dinner and then we had a group meeting discussing what God showed us on this trip. We talked and shared for about two hours and it was incredible to listen to how God spoke to each individual in His own way. We had some that made life changing decisions and others that realized that some things needed to change in their life. God always talks to all of us when we are in His will. Sometimes by getting away from all the confusion of our world we can hear God but we have to take that first step of obedience to be able to get to that place that He can talk to us so we can hear without all the distractions of the world.

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November 8, 2008
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