Last Day in Nan Sentrain

Today was another day of resting in the Lord and doing what needed to be done. We needed a radiator, as most of you know, but I did not know the cost of it until last night. It amazes me how much things cost. The radiator cost about $900.00 and American Airlines charged $300.00, so the total cost was over $1200.00. Josh and I started changing the radiator out about 9 a.m. and worked on it for 3½ hours. While we were doing this, Natalie had school with the kids and George started on the tool box that will be welded to the bed of the truck. It will be large enough to put spare parts in, such as master cylinder, alternator, water pump, etc. The top will have tool trays that we will be able to lift out. After I leave, they will have many projects to do on the truck!

Josh, Natalie and the kids are doing great. They seem to be more comfortable each day, learning how to cook different foods and learning some Kreol words. The kids already have Haitian kids waiting at the front door for them to come out and play. As I said yesterday, it won’t be long till they will be speaking Kreol.

Tomorrow I leave for Port-au-Prince and then on Saturday, I will be flying home so this will probably be my last report till I get home. God bless.

November 29, 2007 Waterfront Mission Ft. Walton Beach, FL
November 14, 2007