Today was a very busy day for us (Tim Wright and Ed Stanley) as everyday seems to be in Haiti. First we purchased materials to take to the village of Z’Oranges. This included a propane stove, propane tank, rice, oil and water, which will be used by the Wright Baptist Church’s youth group when they arrive March 25. We also test drove a 2½ ton military truck that we hope to purchase later on this week. We made it up the mountain and back with no problems. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

While on the mountain we visited with Pastor Doleon of the Jerusalem Church in Z’Oranges, who was was very happy to see us. His lovely wife fixed us a Haitian meal consisting of beans and rice, kabrit (goat), salad, fresh bananas, and fresh coconut milk, right from the coconut. As an added treat, we had a Coke with ice. To get ice in Z’Oranges, you have to walk an hour over a mountain to the main road, catch a ride to town to buy the ice and then return; it’s easily a 4 hour trip. This was a very special meal and it was delicious.

The school in Z’Oranges is very overcrowded. We are hoping to help Pastor Doleon build two badly needed rooms for the school. We are hoping to be able to help him with a new tin roof for the school as well. The current roof is leaking very badly. If anyone would like to help us with this project, please contact TEM.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Love A Child and hope they will be able to give us some food that we can bring to Port and later send up to the children in the Northwest part of Haiti. I’m looking forward to seeing my good friends, Bobby and Sherry Burnette, who have helped us out so many, many times in the past.

As I said, this is our plan, but we will see what God’s plan is.

March 7, 2007
December 11, 2006