Another busy day in the Port-au-Prince area. Tim, Ed and I picked up the military truck today and drove it out to Love A Child. Bobby and Sherry have always helped TEM with our missions to the Northwest. They gave us 200 boxes of food that are designed specifically for malnourished children. These 200 boxes will make 20,000 meals for small children or 10,000 for adults. We picked the food up and have it in Port now, and we will be sending it up to the Northwest to four different groups that are caring for children. This will be such a great help, especially in this time of no rain.

Tomorrow we will be flying up to Mole St. Nichol, which is in the Northwest. We will be picked up by Steve and then we will go to Bombard to stay with him and his family for a couple of days and check out the Widow’s Home. Stay tuned for our next adventure.

March 8, 2007
March 6, 2007