We had a busy day today finishing up the Pastor’s Conference and all the projects that we have been doing all week. Karl and I taught in the morning and Pastor Ken finished the conference with the Lord’s Supper. We all had our picture taken and the pastors asked us again when we would come back to have another conference. I told them we were looking at next year but they really wanted a date. Pastor Dorleon and I will pray about it and see what God says.

Will and Kenny went back up the mountain to Jerusalem II to check on the progress of the foundation for the church and they were working hard. It is so exciting to be a part of God’s work. We will be discussing what they will need next to continue the project. Kenny is ready to come back soon to help.

Betty continued her ladies class today and Allie did her young women’s class. The ladies asked when they will be back and said they will be praying for them.

Eric taught the young men this morning. He just came down from the mountain yesterday and he asked last night if he could teach the young boys and men. I love it when the Lord speaks to a person and they are obedient. It was a beautiful thing to see him teaching outside under some trees.

We closed the night out with Kenny preaching as the rain came down on the tin roof of the church. Thank our Lord we brought in the PA system so we could hear.

This truly is a miracle; we had a voodoo priest come every night of this week and a voodoo priest’s wife gave her life to Christ this morning. It was a good service that ended with all the pastors coming up front and being hugged and loved on by the congregation.

Tomorrow we will leave in the morning for Port-au-Prince to prepare for the team to go home. Will & I will be picking up a youth group in the afternoon after this team leaves.

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March 28, 2008
March 27, 2008