We had a smooth trip in today and stayed at Dottie’s Guest House, where we washed some clothes (she actually has a real washing machine!) to get ready to go home tomorrow. Will and I will stay here to pick up the other team coming in later on Saturday. We are excited about the youth group. It is always excited to watch them as they grow in the faith realizing that not everybody lives the way we do in the States.

Before we left we took this group picture. It was a Spirit filled trip. Everyone had their moments where God spoke to them. I know that they didn’t go home the same way they came.

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Letter from Kenny

It is amazing how God reveals and speaks to us when we submit to His call. I thank Him daily for allowing me to be a part of His plan. As I left the the Village of Z’OrangĂ© to go up the mountain and visit the job site of the new Jerusalem II Baptist church, God started speaking to me immediately. Each step I took I heard God say: “Kenny, you have been patiently waiting for vision and purpose. Here it is, “Are you willing to take one more step for me?” The Children and people up in the mountain area were so innocently happy. They had smiles on their faces all the time. No one ever asked for anything. They just wanted to serve. These people had nothing, no water and no food, all they had was Jesus and smiles. God showed me what true servanthood is through the selflessness of the pastor’s wife, Sister Fani. God humbled me and revealed to me that this is where He wants me. I can help with the church construction, but I can also learn from Pastor Fani and his family how to be a better servant to His people and to my fellow brother and sisters around the world. It is so cool how God deals with me and how He continues to lead me in a direction to minister and expand His kingdom, and to be blessed with so much that it almost seems unfair. In Genesis 1:31 it says: “God saw everything that he created, behold, he said it is very good.” No matter what color, race, social or economical status God said it is very good. That is what gives mission a purpose, to be willing to be blessed and share the blessing and empty ourselves to selflessness. Please pray for me, and my quick return.

Kenny Phillips
Founder/Director: Give Me Shelter Ministries, Inc.




Letter from Betty
Well this was my 4th trip to Haiti and each time has been with a different group and every time I say “this was the best trip”– I am truly amazed at how our “Father God” uses each group– He sends the “right” person for the “right ” job– I thought this trip I would have more time to interact with people and I did. It was very different from being with the medical team– but I still got to take care of some children with cuts and wounds. A sick child was brought to the village and I was able to comfort the child and her mother and pray with them.

I was able to organize some things for the medical team and take inventory– What a job– I spent one afternoon (3 1/2 hours)counting medicine. I HATE paper work and “bean counting” but it will make things easier for our team in November. Now I know what we have–

This was a lot of firsts for me– 1st not to be “medical”, 1st to take a youth( Alli, 18yo girl from Lexington, SC– what a blessing– she led a Bible study for the teenage girls and had an ALL girls soccer game –2 more “1st”),1st to go in the spring time,1st to go to church with 2 different voodoo priests, 1st to teach a women’s Bible study in Haiti, 1st to stay at Dottie’s guest house and WOW 1st to run into some “Carolina girls” — I know there are people from SC who go to Haiti but I have never met any while there– I knew I was “home” at Dotties when I heard the accent, I ask the group of ladies where they were from and they said North Myrtle Beach — I said “OD” (short for Ocean Drive, a section of N Mrytle Beach SC) and they said “yes” That was fun!! when you are with a group of men from Fla-& Missouri–No offense guys!! These gals are truly on a mission some of them stay for 28 days–one of them is 80 years old–she says NEVER TOO OLD– I was BLESSED by each of their stories some of them have been going to Haiti for 18 years!!!! I have a lot more to do since I have only been going for 3yrs–Then when I got on the plane to come home – there was that accent again and there was a team of GYN doctors and surgical team from Conway, SC who had been up in North West Haiti taking care of the women.

Again I say this may have been the BEST TRIP– God is truly working in Haiti and I am in AWE AT HIS PRESENCE on the mountain top– We are so very blessed to be a small part of his fellowship of believers!!!

God bless each of you who read this and may you be touched by the Lord this very day for it is “the day that the Lord has made let us be glad and rejoice in it”

Betty (Summer)– Hey, I’m Will Tiller’s MOM and I thank him for inviting me to be a part of this team!!

March 30, 2008
March 27, 2008